Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ups and Downs

As with any situation, there are ups and downs. Today is an up day spiritually, but a down day emotionally (I just can not contain my tears).

It is amazing to me what a blessing Emma has been in our lives already. I thought I'd take some time while I'm already emotional and list many of the blessings that have come into our lives because of Emma.
  • more fervent prayers
  • the peace and comfort of the Savior in our lives
  • greater love for our children
  • renewed dedication to attend the temple more often
  • overwhelming love and support of those around us - I wish I could verbally express how much it amazes me how many people are there for us whenever, whatever, however
  • greater love and appreciation for those who support us
  • chances to share the message of eternal families with others
  • increased scripture study
  • humility
  • stronger desire to serve those around us
  • gratefulness for the plan of Salvation and eternal families
  • greater closeness to the Savior
  • increased understanding of the Lord's hand in our lives
  • new love and admiration for my dear husband
  • more empathy towards others
  • love - anywhere and everywhere

I know this isn't a comprehensive list. But I am sometimes overwhelmed when I stop to think what a huge blessing Emma has already been in our lives. I am so grateful for her and I pray that the Lord will let her be a part of our lives for longer still.



these are great blessings. I could learn from them in my own life.

Andi said...

You are a blessing to all of us as you share your faith. Thanks...

Mason and Erika said...

I love you

Kristen said...

I think you should add the blessing of being an example to your family of strength and faithfulness - we love you all!