Friday, January 15, 2010

January 15

It's been a year now since Emma's passing. Our lives have changed so much since then, yet I still feel like it was just the other day. But today it has been one year and I am celebrating! In a little bit I plan to make her a birthday cake with the boys. I also hope to stop by the cemetery later today. I don't know why, but I don't feel like today should be a day filled with sadness. Instead I feel it should be a day filled with joy. I want to celebrate the amazing spirit she was.

I don't think I'm any different than other moms who have lost children in saying that a single day hasn't gone by that I haven't thought of her. I like it that way. Thinking of her doesn't make me dwell on the sadness of losing her (usually). More often than not it brings a smile to my face. She's always with me.

Do I miss her? Oh yes. Do I wonder what life would be like if she hadn't died? Definitely. But things are the way they are and I know that someday we will see her again.

So today I celebrate you Emma!