Monday, October 20, 2008

Emma's Movements

I didn't feel Emma move for the first time until a few days before my first ultrasound (at 20 weeks). That was much later than when I felt my other children first move. And even then, I was lucky if I felt Emma more than once a day.

After finding out Emma's diagnosis, it made sense to us why she wasn't moving that much - she didn't have a brain. But as I've been reading online and talking to others, it seems that almost everyone says that their anencephalic babies have moved more intensely than their other babies. Already a little more paranoid than normal, this information did not help.

So last Friday I posted a message to that Yahoo support group that I joined asking if anyone else was in the same situation as me, where their babies did not move as much or as intensely as their other children. I was so grateful that people responded. Those that responded all said that it came later on than their other pregnancies. Most of them didn't start feeling anything until about 22 weeks, and the the intense feelings didn't come until at least 25 weeks along.

I read the responses on Saturday morning, and then surprisingly, I felt Emma the most I've ever felt her that day. I probably felt her at least 10 times, with several of them being consecutive. I'm 23 weeks along, so hopefully I'll continue to feel her more. And the reason I'm so paranoid about it? Because I want to be able to tell if she's died inside of me, but if she's only moving once a day, it's a lot harder to tell.



movements from your baby are always so reassuring and even more so in your situation like you said. I look forward to her keeping you up all night she is moving so much :)

Mac said...

I'm glad you have such a good resource in that support group. It's so good to have people to go to when you're feeling paranoid about something...which I normally am :)