Thursday, October 2, 2008

Talking With Our Bishop

Late Tuesday night (the day we found this out) Tim asked the Bishop to stop by our house after a meeting they had together with some other people. The Bishop came by and we told him what we had found out and how we were hurting. He spoke words of comfort and we spoke a little about specific doctrines and other questions. Our Bishop left saying he would do his research and asking Tim to join him in a fast for Wednesday and he would return Wednesday night to talk more and to give blessings.

As planned, the Bishop came over last night. Both Tim and I were already feeling tons better about everything. We read from the Church's handbook of instructions about stillborns, when the spirit enters the body, abortions, and organ donations. Our Bishop said earlier in the day he had actually had a question that he didn't think the handbook cleared up, so he had called the Office of the First Presidency. Guess who was the person available to talk? President Monson. So we're pretty set now on what is correct, haha.

Talking about the abortion section was hard. We do fall under the rare circumstances category, but it doesn't mean that we're encouraged to do it by any means. Tim and I both agree that unless we feel a strong spiritual prompting to induce labor at this point (and abort the pregnancy) we will not choose that option.

Our Bishop put in a call to the Stake President to talk about the situation and to also ask if he knew our doctors. While I have one main doctor, on Tuesday he was out and I talked to his daughter who is another doctor that practices in that office. Our Stake President knows both of them and he said we're in good hands. He said they are the best of the best and they also are strong followers of the Savior and His Gospel.

Our Bishop had also been at a viewing right before he came to our house and he asked one of the employees at the funeral home about what they do for infants and the costs of those (something we had talked about on Tuesday night). While it is still a good chunk of money, it's not nearly as much as I thought it would be and we have the savings to be able to pay for it.

Tim, with the Bishop assisting, gave me a blessing. Then the Bishop gave Tim a blessing. The Bishop and Tim then left to go give another sister in the ward a blessing. When Tim came home, while he was eating (my amazing husband had been fasting for almost 24 hours), we talked about my blessing vs. the blessing he gave the other sister. He said he felt like he didn't really give me a good blessing. I don't remember what else he said, but he left it at he couldn't fully explain himself. Then we started to share our current thoughts and feelings on everything. I told Tim that I felt like we don't know what the Lord's will and we may not until it happens, but that we should move forward and take this one day at a time. Tim said that that's what he meant earlier by not giving me a good blessing (the Lord's will wasn't revealed). We both feel that we need to stay close to the Lord, do all that we can medically that is good for this little girl, and we will be just fine.

Before we even found this all out, Tim and I already had arranged with my brother to babysit today so we could go to the temple, so I'm looking forward to that experience. That's all for now.


KMDuff said...

It sounds like you are in the best place in the world for you in this situation. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Jennifer Rose said...

Thank you, Tiffany, for sharing something so personal with all of us. You and Tim are such an inspiration. We're praying for you.


You are so strong to share this and I am truly grateful to be able to be a part of this even via blogs. I am learning so much of faith and strength. Thank you.