Saturday, December 6, 2008


While I'm grateful that all of the doctors we've worked with have been very open and honest with us about Emma and her condition, I sometimes find that I make myself paranoid about everything.

Most recently, as we found out about Emma doing worse than expected, her movements have greatly decreased. Now she wasn't a champion mover beforehand, but she was starting to move more and more. However, on Wednesday and Thursday of this week I had to stop more than once and wait for a while to see if I could feel any movement. And even then it would only be a slight movement. I told Tim that I didn't know if I was just more paranoid and making it seem like she was moving less or if that really was the case. Whether or not it was true, it sure did frighten me as I would coax Emma to move and nothing would happen for quite a while. Fortunately, she did move a more normal amount on Friday. So my fears are a bit more subsided and I feel okay to write about it now.


Eli said...

That's got to be hard to be in a constant state of worry for things like that. I think you're handling it about as well as anyone could.

Jennifer Rose said...

We keep praying for you! I admire your faith in Heavenly Father's plan for your family, and specifically for Emma. We love you.

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