Thursday, December 11, 2008

Good Luck Tomorrow

Tomorrow, a friend that I've made through an anencephaly support group, is scheduled for a c-section for Lily, her anencephalic baby. Last I heard from her (a few days ago) she's pretty terrified. But she has great faith and I pray that everything will go well for her.

I've made quite a few friends with anencephalic babies who are all due in the next coming months (December through mid February). I have mixed emotions of nervousness and excitement as I wait for their stories and anticipate what's going to happen with us and little Emma.

So if you think about it tomorrow, say a little prayer for Jessica and her baby Lily. You can check out her blog here: Consider the Lilies.


Josie said...

Man, isn't technology wonderful? I'm so glad support groups like that exist for various purposes, all at the touch of our fingers. I'll keep your friend in my prayers today.

Jennifer Rose said...

Thanks for sharing this with us. It is wonderful to read of their experiences with Lily.