Monday, December 1, 2008

No News Is Good News

Unfortunately, that's not the case right now. I had another doctor's appointment today. I guess I should brag that I didn't cry at all! I choked up a little, but I was really proud of myself. But our little Emma is really struggling to grow. Going off of my uterus measurements, she is now 5 weeks behind what she should be. At 20 weeks, she was 8 days behind. At 25 weeks she was 3 weeks behind. Now at 29 weeks she is 5 weeks behind. Yes it is normal for anencephalic babies to be smaller, but not 5 weeks behind smaller.

Last night Tim and I had talked about the possibility of not inducing at 35 weeks, but waiting until 40 or even 42 weeks to give Emma more of a chance to grow. Even before I went to the doctor's today, I knew I was small. My secret hope was that I wouldn't be any more than 3 weeks behind, but it didn't surprise me when he measured me 5 weeks behind. So I immediately brought up to him the possibility of waiting longer. He told me that whatever Tim and I wanted to do was fine with him, but he didn't think that would be the best decision. He then was hesitant and told me that he didn't want to scare me, but since we were already talking about it, he should probably tell me.

He then told me that he thinks that the baby is not being nourished enough from the placenta. While Emma's heartbeat is still going strong, he thinks that she's in a stressful environment. Because of her lack of growth, he thinks her chances of dying inside of me are much greater. He suggested the possibility of even going earlier than 35 weeks. But then he once again told me that it's whatever my husband and I want to do.

So I'll go back in another two weeks. If my uterus is still 5 weeks or even further behind than that, we'll do an ultrasound to confirm that she really is that far behind. And then we'll go from there.

Thank you for your love and support. Continue to pray for Emma and most especially that, if it be the Lord's will, she can hang on for longer and that she can continue to grow.


lisa said...

Well, I'm amazed you didn't cry, because I am. You are always in our prayers, and now we will pray that Emma grows. Your strength is an example to all of us. Thanks for sharing it.

Lynette and Brad said...

Amen to everything Lisa said. Thanks for sharing your incredible strength. We love you!

Jamie said...

Perhaps this is not the right way to suggest this, or even the right solution; and you have probably read my post on going gluten-free. Well, I think you should try it. At least for the next couple of months before you are induced with Emma. Malnourishment is one of the symptoms with being alergic to wheat. And although it is inconvenient, if it helps, why not?
If you want to talk, I would be more than happy to chat about what I've read. 307.761.2054

Also, I mailed your package Sat. so it should be there in the next couple of days.

Anna said...

Tiffany, I really admire your faith and courage through this whole process. I know it's not easy, but you sure are an example to me on how to rely on the Lord. You are in my prayers.

KMDuff said...

Hugs hon. Grow baby grow!

Jethro said...

I can't believe you didn't cry. I get stressed just reading about what you are going through. You guys are truly amazing.