Thursday, May 7, 2009


I really don't think I can thank you guys enough for the love, the support, the prayers, and everything else that you've shown us over the last while. I know I say it a lot (that I can't thank you guys enough) but that's because it's true. You are all so wonderful.

I also wanted to thank those of you who have e-mailed me and shared with me your stories. The e-mails aren't flooding in, but I have gotten quite a few e-mails from people across the globe who have similar and not so similar stories. I am so grateful for the stories and words that you have shared with me. They have touched my heart and I'm happy to know that Emma's story has touched your hearts as well.

So once again, I say thank you.

And for those who have asked, my High 5 is being aired on KSL5 tomorrow morning at around 6:25 (possibly a few minutes earlier).

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