Thursday, November 13, 2008

Angel Watch's Second Visit

We met again with people from the Angel Watch program. It was a nice visit and I really enjoy them coming. However, they may not come again before Emma is born because they said there's not really much that they think they can do for us (meaning they think we are doing really well handling everything and don't need a lot of their grief services/counseling).

When they were here we talked a lot about our birth plan. It was nice because we had a labor and delivery nurse from our hospital there and we also had the bereavement specialist from our hospital there. They both were able to answer a lot of questions about how things could play out and what not. What's even better, is that the nurse that we've been meeting with checked her schedule and she is on-call for the 15th of January. She said that she'd come in, whether they needed her or not and that she'd be our nurse. So not only do we know that we're getting a great nurse, but we've already discussed the majority of our birth plan with her and she knows exactly what we want and how we imagine things to go and she's in total agreement that we should get what we want, if possible, so she'll do everything she can to make it that way.


Josie said...

Oh how neat to be able to meet your nurse a couple times before you deliver. yay!

Dansie Family said...

fantastic! so glad it's working out as best as possible. that's awesome to be able to prepare for it like this and have so much support!