Friday, April 24, 2009

Scrapbook Albums!!!

Okay, I know I keep saying things are still coming together with them, and that continues to be the case. But they are getting much much closer! I have to thank both Sandy and Michelle for all of the stuff they've done! I would be no where still if it wasn't for them.

So I am going to Hawaii next week!!!!!! (I know that's besides the point, I'm just a little excited so I had to throw it in there). When we get back, I'm going to have a scrapbook party where you all can come and we can officially make these albums!!! (Okay, I'll try to contain the !!!!s).

I set up a poll on the side of various dates and times when we might have the scrap booking extravaganza. It will be here in Provo, probably at our church (I will give the address later when we know for sure that's where we'll do it). Anyone and everyone is welcome and invited to come. It will probably also be a time frame, where you can feel free to come to whatever parts of it you can (i.e. doing it from 5-9 and maybe you come from 5-7). We'll finalize the details later, but I want to get a general idea of when people would want to and can do it.

For the poll, you can vote for a preference of date and time, or you can vote for a preference against a certain date or time. I also think that if you want to vote more than once, you can clear your computer's cookies and that way if there are a few days you want to vote for, you can do that as well. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions about dates, times, whatever.



Holly said...

If I lived near you I would help out! Have fun in Hawaii! What a great time! We went to the Big Island over Christmas just a couple days after Carleigh's diagnosis.

Whitney said...

So I just voted for Saturday morning but then I remembered that Ben Jacob's wedding is that day, I think....i could also do the wednesday...or really any of them but that is what is preferrable

Mom Putnam said...

Wow!! Hawaii- you are lucky. This is our family vacation spot and you are going to love it. It is my paradise on earth. Enjoy!!!

Nicole said...

oh I am jealous! I have always wanted to go to Hawaii. Have fun!

If I lived closer I would come to the scrapbook party! I love to scrap book and its very therapeutic for me to work on Logan's after he passed. I cant wait to see pictures!

Celia said...

Hope you are having fun in Hawaii!! I think this is such a wonderful thing that you are doing! The scrapbook idea is so great! If I were closer I would definitely come!

Topping Family said...

canu tell me where you went to make a poll to add to blog/

Anonymous said...


I found your blog from a link from Myah's blog. I just wanted to say that I think you and your husband are incredibly brave. I cannot imagine the pain you've been through, but I respect and admire you more than I can say. You are in my prayers.

in His peace,

Matt and Lecia said...

Matt and I are moving on the 8th probably, but I am fine with any of the others :)

Anonymous said...

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May God our loving Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ our precious Healer, Redeemer bless all of you with the constant Presence of Holy Spirit as He accomplishes His perfect will in your lives and those of your children whether here or waiting for you to join them for eternity with Him.


Camille said...

Where have I been?! I had no idea all this was happening online and I feel so bad because I've told Sandy at least twice that I would make a donation for the scrapbooks, but I still haven't taken anything to her! I would love to help and I would love to come the night that you make them.

Thank goodness for you. Thank goodness for Hawaii.

I'll see you soon.